Chief Educator

Rolene Jaffe

Rolene Jaffe is a mother, best friend and cancer “THRIVER.” She is a certified Journey therapist, motivational speaker, life coach and has worked with corporate groups and individuals toward their personal and professional development for over 15 years.

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2006, Rolene treated her illness as an opportunity to make a transformation. By making changes to her lifestyle, eating habits and embracing her own Journey, she was able to beat breast cancer and lost a whopping 86 lbs in the process.

Rolene is passionate about people. Her boundless energy and love for life stems from her dedication to both physical and emotional health as part of living a fulfilling life–both personally and professionally. Rolene now speaks to professional groups including corporate, not profit and education professionals.

  • Certified Journey Therapist
  • 15 Years Experience…
  • (MORE)…..

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