Professional Workshops

No matter how large or small, all teams are only as good as their people. People who bring their unique talents, strengths and contribute to the team dynamic. Rolene works with professional teams to create a custom workshop to help achieve broader goals. Professional workshops can help your team improve in several areas including:

Communicating with Different Personality Styles – Developing awareness and understanding of your own personalty style as well as co-workers and colleagues can help explain and potentially minimize conflict and stress both in the workplace and in customer/client interactions.

Attitude and Self Awareness – this includes everything from punctuality and accountability down to an understanding that everything that is said and done contributes to the way you are perceived.

Resilience – How to learn from and bounce back (better than ever) from setbacks

Physical Presence – Presentation skills, speaking with clarity in meetings.

Interpersonal Presence – effective strategies to deal with obstacles and conflict in a calm, productive way. Understanding different personality styles.

Digital Etiquette – Here we focus on applying professionalism to all digital communications including telecommunications over email, video/call conferences, as well as professional presence on social media.

Communication Fundamentals – the verbal and nonverbal elements of communication especially around managing conflict

Active Listening Skills – The ability to listen in a way that elicits the most positive outcome.

Developing Strategic Self-Awareness – By understand one’s own default patterns when faced with conflict, one can improve self-awareness and develop more impactful communication skills.

Rolene is the creator of a proven 3-step formula to achieve a team’s collective goals as well as each individual’s fulfillment as part of the team. 

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